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 Netherweave needed!

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Number of posts : 17
Age : 41
Location : Sioux City, IA
Characters : Amishrevenge, Samoajoe
Class : Hunter, Priest
Level : 70, 31
Spec : marksman, holy
Registration date : 2008-07-24

Netherweave needed! Empty
PostSubject: Netherweave needed!   Netherweave needed! EmptySun Aug 03, 2008 6:32 pm

Hey guys, recently switched to tailoring, already at like 353. But I do need more Netherweave. Hell, I'll make bags for anyone in the guild for free as long as they send me the necessary netherweave cloth. Takes 24 for the 16 slots bag, 72 I think for the imbued bag. And then just tip me in extra cloth and I will be a happy man! TIA!

Amishrevenge, lvl 70 Hunter enchanter/miner
Guild Officer of FtA
omgz!!! So teh l33t qq moar n00bs!!!!
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Netherweave needed!
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